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Tips for selling in the winter

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Many people think that selling in the winter is a bad move. With all the holidays and the cold, it might not be your first choice in timing. But buyers still need houses, even in the winter!

With these secret real estate agent tips, you’ll know how to get your house ready to sell for top dollar this winter.

Keep your pathway and entrance free from snow. Make it easy for buyers to get into your home. Additionally, you don’t want to make it seem like it’s hard to maintain your outdoor spaces in the winter, so a clear entrance is key!

Brighten up every room. It gets dark early in the winter, so add some ambient lighting to keep your rooms feeling light and bright. Floor lamps are your best friend here.

Keep the open house warm. No one wants to walk into a cold house in the dead of winter, so make sure your space feels welcoming by keeping it nice and warm. It’s worth spending the extra money on heating costs for your open house and showings.

Make your home feel cozy. Some throw blankets, nice winter smells, and good lighting go far to make your home feel like somewhere buyers will want to stay around for a while.

Keep good curb appeal. Even though you don’t need to mow your lawn, make sure the outside of your home looks well-kept. Cleaning your windows and washing any siding can help your home look fresh and move-in ready.

Keep holiday decor to a minimum. You want the focus to be on your home, not your decor, so keep it simple for any holidays.

Winter gets a bad rap in real estate, but it can actually be a great time to sell, especially when you have these tips. The key is to make your home feel warm, cozy, and bright so that buyers feel like it’s somewhere they can call home.

Want some help getting your home sold this winter? Send me an email and I’ll help you sell your home for top dollar!

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