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Don’t Waste Your Time on These Useless Seller Strategies

There are several so-called strategies out there that often get recommended to home sellers. But these strategies can often be a waste of time and effort and won’t actually help you get your home sold. Let’s go through these seller strategies that you should stay away from while selling your home:

- Completing a full kitchen renovation or big update: Kitchens often sell homes, and they’re many buyers’ favorite room in the house. But doing a full renovation can actually set you back. Buyers have varying tastes, and chances are that they won’t match yours exactly. 

This can lead buyers to undo the renovating you’ve done to fit their style. Instead, make the kitchen look presentable and polished, then use the money that you would have put into the renovation to cover closing costs or offer a buyer perk. This goes for any big renovation. It’s best to get your home looking nice and fresh, but stay away from sinking too much money into personal choices. 

- Overpricing the property: This is a big one, but it just doesn’t work in our market. Many sellers will go into the selling process with the plan to price their home high and then negotiate down with the buyers to the actual purchase price. However, this can cause issues as overpricing your home can scare potential buyers away. This lack of interest can make your home become stagnant on the market, which is a huge red flag to buyers. Instead of overpricing, work with your real estate agent to develop a strong pricing strategy. 

- Skipping staging: Some sellers think that they can just put their homes on the market without worrying about staging and getting the home looking its best. But to get top dollar from selling your home, staging is key. 

Good staging will help drum up interest in your property just from the listing. It also helps buyers imagine themselves in the home during showings in addition to highlighting the best aspects of the home. Don’t skip staging if you want to get the max profit from selling your home!

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